5th graders posing with their teacher holding Sonic Ice Cream gift cards

Welcome to Miss B.'s Drive Thru Math!

Today, in order to celebrate finishing part of their winter testing, and to lead up to Christmas Break - 5th graders of Northeast Elementary were 'transported' to Miss B.'s Drive Thru Math Restaurant, where they were asked to review their skills of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with decimals!

Students used recording sheets to 'travel' from restaurant to restaurant, buying items from menus! Students had a 'budget' of $20 and were asked to buy a drink, meal, side, and dessert of their choice. The only catch? It cost them $1.25 in gas to travel from each restaurant, and each food item was taxed!
Students had a BLAST (pardon the pun) purchasing 'meal items' from ChicFilA, Taco Bell, and Sonic!
In the end, student's discussed their results in regards to budgeting, price comparisons, meal planning, gas usage, and price to food quality ratios! The student's dialogue of how important 5th grade math is - in the real world context - was SINCERELY impressive!

Miss Bush would also like to give a thanks to Sonic Drive-In of Pittsburg, KS

for donating ice cream certificates for all 5th grade students who participated in today's activity!