Teacher holding a fake coffee shop menu and posing for the camera

Last Friday, after returning from their field trip, 5th graders of Northeast Elementary were 'transported' to their classrooms that had magically turned into 'coffee shops' - Starbush Coffee, Spice Island Coffee Shop, and Mrs. Lewis' coffee shop!

Once entering the rooms, students were greeted by their 'baristas' (teachers), classrooms smelling of vanilla, jazz music playing, and video of a coffee shop projected on the screen. Students then participated in a lesson on vocabulary word choice! Students were taught how to transform 'Vanilla Latte' words (poor word choice words), into 'Pumpkin Spice' words (more descriptive word choice words), by using descriptive synonyms.

Students used thesaurus' to learn how to find corresponding synonyms for overused, bland words, and then decorated their own coffee cups with their newly found synonyms, to display in the hallways!

Once completing their Pumpkin Spice Vocabulary coffee cups, students then created 'Synonym Rolls' - placing the MOST descriptive words in the middle, and swirling out to the more generic synonyms on the outside!

While students worked, their teacher 'baristas', served up piping hot, rich, 'coffee' (hot chocolate)!

Fun was had by all, and learning was made memorable on a very entertaining and engaging Fri-yay!